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'Passed first time in under 3 months! Great instructor! Roger gives great tips that other instructors would leave out. Definitely would recommend MasterDrive!..'
Karl Oct 12th 2014

'Friendly and patient instructor who was Always on time and always able to have a joke with. Passed first time in less than 6 months and feel completely safe driving by myself! Would recommend....'
Sasha Sep 13th 2014

'Very patient and friendly instructor. Was always on time and both my brother and I passed first time with him. Passed with one minor on my first test and feel able to drive safely and comfortably on my own now. Also good value for money compared to other driving schools...'
Catherine Jones Mar 15th 2014

'Roger is a great instructor, with the ability to have casual talk about the Rugby and Football. As well as being able to direct you in the right path with your driving. I highly recommend him as he is sublime. ..'
Tyler Feb 24th 2014

'Roger is a Great instructor. Passed within a month after about 26 hours of lesson and on my first attempt. Highly recommended to try. ..'
Sabbir Ahmed Sep 30th 2013

'Excellent instructor! Passed first time! Highly recommended to anyone! ..'

William Haslam Sep 28th 2013

'Roger is an excellent, friendly and patient instructor. I passed first time after 3 months.'
Marc Aug 7th 2013

'After having a previous instructor I can safely say Masterdive is a great driving school. Very reliable and a very pleasant learning experience. Passed with only 3 minors!..'
Jack July 20th 2013

'Very good driving instructor. Me and my sister have both passed first time. Reliable and friendly, would highly recommend this driving instructor...'
Ashlee Joseph Jun 5th 2013

'I passed in the first time. Reliable instructor, never let you down, highly recommend!..'

Shaming June 3rd 2013

'Only been learning for a couple of months and passed first time with only one minor! I would definitely recommend going with masterdrive! ..'
Luke Mar 12th 2013

'Very Good Instructor, Great Car to learn in and passed first time...'
Sam September 18th 2012

'Highly Recommend! Passed first time in under 6 months'
Lydia May 28th 2012

'Brilliant Instructor, passed the practical first time with 2 minors'
Vic April 22nd 2012

'Very good instructor, would definitely recommend Roger, passed first time with 2 minors'

Will Sep 22nd 2012

'Great Instructor, passed first time with 1 minor'

Gemma July 14th 2011

'Brilliant! I passed first time with 0 minors, within 6 months. Definitely recommended'
Kathryn June 16th 2011

'Awesome Instructor passed first time'
Daniel June 8th 2011

'1st time pass! Hardly any minors. Recommended by some examiners'
Chloe April 12th 2011

'A great instructor who got me a first time pass. I picked him because he got first time passes for a lot of my friends and I knew he had 24 Years of experience as a driving instructor'
Rhodri July 8th 2009

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Come and meet the team, MASTERDRIVE Driving Academy have the very best cars to learn drive in Swansea.

We will also have a look at possible future signings.


Like our page on Facebook and if your recommendation for MASTERDRIVE Driving Academy leads to that person booking a driving lesson, you will recieve a driving lesson free as a reward.


Why not have a sneak peak inside the cockpit and under the bonnet of a MASTERDRIVE Driving Academy Car?

Get ready to learn to drive in Swansea and the freedom that awaits.


Book 3hrs of driving lessons with MASTERDRIVE Driving Academy and recieve 3hrs of driving tuition free. New drivers only.

MASTERDRIVE Driving Academy is the best place to learn to drive in Swansea.

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