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MasterDrive Driving Academy are proud users of the Toyota Auris SR. Toyota is renowned for it's safety and reliability.


    Masterdrive Driving
    Academy Swansea

    Toyota 1.6 VVTi SR
    130 bhp
    0-62mph = 10 seconds
    Top Speed 121 mph
    5 Doors
    17 Inch Alloy Wheels
    4 Cylinders
    16 Valves
    Manual Gearbox
    He-man Dual Controls
    Driving Lessons in Style
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Show me / Tell me Questions (Scroll down to see the Car Cockpit and Engine Bay)

Question 1:        
Open the bonnet and show me how you would check the oil level. How would you top it up if it were low?

Identify the dipstick, describe how the oil level should be between the min/max level and if it requires topping up, point to the black cap on the

Question 2:
Show me and explain how you would check that the power assisted steering is working.

Start the engine and the steering should go light, if it is heavy the system is not working properly.

Question 3:
Open the bonnet and show me how you would check the engine coolant level is correct.

Point to the coolant tank and check the level is between the min/max level. *Remember the cap is under pressure so wait for it to cool down
before filling up.

Question 4:
Show me how you would check the parking brake (handbrake) for excessive wear.

Apply footbrake firmly, make sure the handbrake is fully on, about ½ way up, 45 degrees or 3 to 5 clicks otherwise the cable needs to be tightened.

Question 5:
Show me where the windscreen washer reservoir is and how you would check the washer level.

Point to the windscreen washer tank and explain how to check level.

Question 6:
Show me how you would check that the horn is working.

Press Horn (lower centre of steering wheel).

Question 7:
Show me where the brake fluid reservoir is and how you would check you have a safe level of hydraulic fluid.

Point to the brake fluid tank and check the level is between the min/max level.

Question 8:
Show me how you would check the direction indicators are working properly.

Switch on the ignition and apply the indicator stack up/down and check outside that the front, side and rear are working.

Question 9:
Tell me how you would check the brake lights are working properly on this vehicle.

You can reverse up to a reflective object or ask someone to check that they are working.

Question 10:
Tell me how you would check the brakes are working properly.

Start the engine and apply brakes and they should  be firm not spongy or slack. The vehicle should not pull to one side when driving. 

Question 11:
Show me how you would check the headlights and tail lights are working.

Operate light stack, walk around the vehicle to make sure all lights are working.

Question 12:
Tell me where you would find the information for the correct tyre pressures for the car and how would you check that they were correct.

Check the car manual on the driver’s door pillar and use a pressure gauge when tyres are cold.

Question 13:
Tell me how you would check the condition of the tyres so that they are safe and legal.

Check that there are no cuts or bulges in the tyre wall (look for nails too). The minimum tread depth is not less that 1.6mm across the
central ¾ of the width of the tyre (Look  for the tyre Depth gauge or wear guide).

Question 14:
Show me how you would operate the front windscreen washers.

Switch the ignition on and operate windscreen wiper stalk.

Question 15:
Show me how you would operate the front/rear demister.

Press the front or rear demister buttons.

Question 16:
Show me how you would operate your front/rear fog lights.

Switch lights on, turn foglight switch on for front and rear (symbols on dashboard).

Question 17:
Show me how you would operate dipped and main beam headlights and how you would know if main beam was on.

Turn headlight switch on for dipped and push stalk away from steering wheel (blue symbol on dashboard) for main beam.

Question 18:
Tell me how you would make sure your head restraint is correctly adjusted so it provides the best protection in the event of an accident.

Head restraint should be in the middle of the back of your head.

Question 19:
How would you check the A.B.S. (anti locking braking system) is working correctly?

Turn the ignition on and the A.B.S. light illuminates. The light should then go out, if it stays on the system is faulty and you would be more
likely to skid under heavy braking.

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